h o l a !


Hi, I am Alissa Noelle! That’s me in the image above with my super handsome husband on the happiest day of our lives. I have always been a huge fan of weddings + a hopeless romantic. When I was little, I made Barbie + Ken marry each other about a million times and then when I saw You’ve Got Mail, I knew that finding THE ONE is something truly magical. I also come from a family with shelves of family albums. Even with family albums that my grandparents brought with them from Cuba when they came to America. Not leaving those babies behind! So, naturally I became a wedding + family lifestyle photographer! My obsession with photography began when I was 9 years old. My parents gave me my first polaroid camera that is currently covered in Lisa Frank stickers (90s forever). And just loved capturing candids of my family. Here am I now years later, based in Southern California + Texas and love to travel for my services around the world! My work has been described as candid, romantic, natural, fun and pops of color. I specialize in capturing candid moments (candids are my JAM, y’all!) + posing my clients in the most natural way possible. Whether it’s having a couple start off by dancing or saying what they love about each other, which typically leads to some intimate moments such as a kiss, a laugh or just holding each other for a few seconds…MAGIC! My goal is to have my clients feel comfortable expressing their love for each other or as a family in it’s truest form, while a stranger is capturing photos of them. I mean…let’s be honest…that’s what it is! I am passionate about capturing love + laughter, because that’s what it’s all about…with a little Vogue here and there too, of course. Also, I’m Cuban…so, coffee is my second obsession and I look forward to learning more about you, while I pour way too much sugar in my coffee ;).


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