h o l a !

 M E E T   A L I S S A   N O E L L E

I’m Alissa Garcia and I have a major crush on photography (duh)! My obsession began when I was 9 years old. My parents gave me my first polaroid camera that is currently covered in Lisa Frank stickers (90s forever). Fast forward years later, with less Lisa Frank stickers on my camera, I am now a wedding + lifestyle photographer based in Southern California + Texas, living the life with my fiancé + pug mix pup and love to travel for my services around the world! My work has been described as candid, romantic, natural, fun and true to color. I specialize in capturing candid moments (candids are my JAM, y’all!) + posing my couples in the most natural way possible. Whether it’s having a couple start off by dancing or saying what they love about each other, which typically leads to some intimate moments such as a kiss, a twirl or just holding each other for a few seconds…MAGIC! My goal is to have my couples feel comfortable expressing their love in it’s truest form, while a stranger is capturing photos of them. I mean…let’s be honest…that’s what it is! I am passionate about capturing love + laughter, because that’s what it’s all about…and a little Vogue here and there, of course. Coffee is my second obsession (along with all Cubans) and I look forward to learning more about you while I pour way too much sugar in my coffee ;).


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